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Golf Mats For Sale

Golf Practice Mats For Sale

If you are looking to practice indoors or if you don’t want divots in your lawn, a golf hitting mat is a vital investment for golf enthusiasts looking to practice their game. There are many different golf mats on the market today that try to simulate the same conditions of a real golf course and real grass, but not all hitting mats are created the same. When purchasing a golf mat, you truly get what you pay for as hitting mats vary greatly in their performance and durability. Golf mats come in all shapes and sizes and are also made from different materials that provide a different feel when striking a golf ball on. At Rain or Shine Golf, we only carry the best golf hitting mats on the market so that you don’t feel like you are hitting off of carpet or a worn doormat while still providing a wide range of price points.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats

Fiberbuilt golf mats are considered by many to be the best golf mat brand because of their durability, performance and injury prevention. Fiberbuilt golf mats feature a commercial grade hitting surface that comes with a 300,000 shot guarantee, making it the longest lasting golf mat in the industry. Fiberbuilt golf mats are also built to look, feel and perform exactly like fairway grass and now integrates its industry-leading bristle technologies into its line of consumer products that were once only featured in their commercial product line. Fiberbuilt golf mats are launch monitor tested and are the closest thing to hitting off of real fairway grass. The Fiberbuilt hitting surface also allows you to hit down and through your shot (like you would on grass) without having to worry about hurting yourself due to turf shock while hitting any club, from woods to wedges.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats

Real Feel Golf Mat

Regarded as one of the best golf mats on the market the Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat is built with a top-of-the-line Long Dense Fiber System, that truly sets it apart. This state of the art Golf Mat allows you to swing down and through the mat simulating a realistic fairway golf shot in a way that is unrivaled in the industry. True Divot Action design, gives the Country Club Elite users the feeling of taking a divot and is specifically designed to absorb the impact of a deep solid golf shot. One of the reasons this Real Feel golf mat is a favorite is that you can press real wooden tees into the mat providing the most realistic golf practice experience. Golf simulator gurus and home golf experts agree that the Country Club Elite Golf Mat by Real Feel Golf Mats offers the ultimate practice and home golf experience.

Real Feel Country Club Elite

TrueStrike Golf Mats

TrueStrike golf hitting mats are another excellent high-quality option. These golf mats feature a revolutionary gel-filled divot simulating subsurface, when struck creates a “ruckable” top surface that is not too firm and not too soft. This makes True Strike mats feel like a real grass fairway by allowing the golfer to strike down and through the playing surface like you would on a grass playing surface. TrueStrike mats are also highly durable with an expected life of 55,000 iron shots before these mats will need to be replaced. With prices starting at $669, TrueStrike is the ultimate golf mat for club fitters, golf coaches and indoor training centers for simulating real grass and clubhead interactions.

True Strike Golf Mat

The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

The Pro Turf Golf Mat by The Net Return is our most popular golf mat for a number of reasons. While traditional golf mats are only 4 or 5' long, the Pro Turf is 10' long making it an excellent option for a golf simulator or a golf practice net & mat setup. This extra length ensures you are not cramped for space when using a net or swinging your club. At $349, this golf mat also provides an unmatched balance of durability and forgiveness for the price point. The Pro Turf is also built for indoor and outdoor use, is highly portable and can be rolled up and stored like a carpet, and can even be used as a putting green with the optional net return putting cup and flag accessory. Add the Pro Turf Golf Mat to your favorite The Net Return Golf Net or one of our Golf Simulators and you have the ultimate golf practice setup.

The Net Return Pro Turf Golf mat