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Country Club Elite Golf Mat


4' x 5'
4' x 5' 5' x 5' + $100 5' x 8' + $460 5' x 10' + $700
real feel country club elite golf mat

Country Club Elite Golf Mat Description

Product Summary

Real Feel Country Club Elite

With True Divot Action design, this mat simulates the feel of taking a divot and is specifically designed to absorb the impact of a golf shot. Not only that, the Country Club Elite allows you to insert a real wooden tee into the mat providing the most realistic golf mat experience.

What's Included

  • Country Club Elite Golf Mat

Product Specifications

Size: Varies by selection

Turf: 1" pile height

Backing: 5/8" high density foam

Material: Polyester/Nylon blend

Warranty: 3-Year Limited