DIY Golf Simulator Inspiration

DIY Golf Simulator Ideas and Inspiration

Building a DIY Golf Simulator and in need of some inspiration? You've come to the right place.

There are a lot of options you have when building your own home simulator. From where you want to place it, full turf vs single hitting mat, curtains vs frame, the list goes on. This aims to be a source of photo inspiration to help you put the vision in your head to life.

We've seperated the inspiration into two categories, garage setups and in-home setups. Use the links below to jump to a specific category:

Garage Setups

Home Setups

Garage Photos

nice garage golf simulator two car garage golf simulator small garage golf simulator single car garage converted to golf simulator single car garage converted to golf simulator golf simulator in garage garage golf simulator two car garage converted to golf simulator tv and net golf simulator garage garage simulator diy

In-Home Photos

diy widescreen golf simulator diy golf simulator game room diy net and tv golf simulator diy bedroom golf simulator diy man cave golf simulator diy man cave golf simulator diy man cave golf theater room diy bedroom golf simulator

Top Things To Consider When Building A Golf Simulator

Hopefully you were able to take some inspiration and ideas from the photos above. Here are some other things you may want to consider:


The amount of space you have will heavily impact the size of enclosure you can use as well as the launch monitor options. Some launch monitors like FlightScope Mevo+ require at least 16' of space (8' behind the ball and 8' in front) to capture the shot. Where other systems like Uneekor or SkyTrak require much less. So the amount of space you have could limit your launch monitor selection.

Refer to our How Much Space Do I Need for A Golf Simulator guide to learn more about space requirements in depth.

Launch Monitor

On that topic, the launch monitor you choose will also greatly impact your setup for a variety of reasons. First, due to budget.

Your launch monitor will most likely be your biggest expense. If you have a specific budget, then the launch monitor you buy may limit your options for how much you can spend on other items. And alternatively, if you go with a budget-friendly launch monitor like SkyTrak, then you may be able to treat yourself to a nicer hitting bay like SwingBay.

View our Best Launch Monitors Guide for a complete guide on the top launch monitors on the market.

Picking the right projector

When it comes to golf simulators, the projector is an essential component. There are a variety of devices on the market to suit all budgets, just as there are for software and launch monitors. But for golf simulation, you will want to make sure you opt for a "short throw projector". These projectors will project a wide screen from a very short distance - which is essential for golf simulation. Check out our Projector Spec Calculator to find what projector specs you should look for based on your setup.

Alternatively, we've identified our favorite projectors for golf simulation here.

Other DIY Golf Simulator Resources

At Rain or Shine Golf, we aim to be the best resource for all things DIY golf simulators. Check out some of our most popular resources to help you with your project and round out your room with these accessories:

DIY Golf Simulator Resource Center

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