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Can Golf Simulators Be Used As A Home Theater Too?


Golf Simulators are on the rise. And home theater's have long been a staple for luxury in-home entertainment. But...what if we told you that you could have both!

Residential golf simulators use nearly all the same componments as a home theatre. Allowing you to easily flip from golf simulation to watching movies with the click of a remote. So if you think golf simulators are only for golfers, then think again!

Golf simulators can absolutely serve as a home theater. However, home theater setups are typically not equipped for golf simulation.

In this guide we'll cover the top golf simulators that can also be used as a home theater. As well as provide some setup ideas for your future entertainment paradise.

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Best Home Theater Golf Simulators

The following are our top picks for golf simulator home theatre combos. These packages will have everything you need for world-class golf simulation. As well as offer great home theatre capabilities.

The only thing missing from these packages will be seating or sound bar systems.

1. Our Top Choice

Uneekor EYE XO Golf Simulator Package

luxury man cave golf simulator
uneekor man cave golf simulator

The Uneekor EYE XO is our top pick for a quality golf simulator home theatre. Two primary reasons make up why this is our #1 recommendation.

On the golf side, EYE XO is one of the best golf simulators on the market. The accuracy, speed, and depth of data make the EYE XO an amazing pick for any avid golfer looking for the best golf simulation experience.

On the home theatre side, the SwingBay Hitting Enclosure provides black out walls and setup dimensions that allows for a 4:3 projector to fill the entire screen. This creates a clean, crisp viewing experience for movies, games, and sports. The EYE XO is also mounted on the ceiling in this setup. Allowing for a clean hitting area free of clutter.

Price: $19,000

Cheapest Configuration: $16,049

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2. Our Top Budget-Friendly Choice

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

skytrak golf simulator man cave
skytrak man cave golf simulator


In this package, our top selling SwingBay Hitting Enclosure is paired with our top selling launch monitor, SkyTrak. This is our top pick that is more budget friendly than the previous choice. You won't get as much data and speed on the golf simulation side of things. But SkyTrak is still a fantastic system that is one of the most popular choices due to it's value for money.

On the home theater side, you still get the SwingBay Screen, high-lumen projector, and gaming laptop to ensure your streaming is crisp and lag-free. This is a fantasitc home theater and golf simulator!

Price: $10,000

Cheapest Configuration: $7,249

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3. Best Flex-Space Choice

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package

retractable golf simulator for man cave
skytrak retractable man cave golf simulator

Don't want a golf simulator to take over your space? This is one of our favorite setups because it features a retractable hitting screen. The retractable hitting screen is perfect for those that want some flexibility in their setup.

If you need to make room for other things simply retract the screen, roll up the turf, and return your space back to it's original form.

This setup is slightly smaller than the SwingBay setup so it works great in smaller rooms.

Price: $8,181

Cheapest Configuration: $5,649

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How To Use Your Golf Simulator as a Home Theater


Using your golf simulator setup as a home theater is super easy!

1.You will already have some sort of computer of iPad hooked up to a projector either wirelessly or through an HDMI. This computer will typically run the golf simulation software, which is then projected onto the screen.

2. So to play movies, watch tv, or play video games, all you will do is stream what you want to watch on your computer so that it can be displayed on the big screen.

It's that simple! You can also very easily hook up a different device such as an Xbox to the projector.

Golf Simulator Home Theater Inspiration

Looking for some ideas for your golf simulator home theater setup? Here are some photos and setups to provide you some inspo:

cool golf simulator home theater home theater golf simulator attic golf simulator bedroom turned home theater and golf simulator cool golf simulator cool golf sim theater small home theater golf simulator

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