FlightScope Mevo vs Mevo+

In this article, we'll cover the differences between two of the most popular personal launch monitors from FlightScope - Mevo and Mevo+.

As the top golf launch monitor reseller on the market, we have spent a fair amount of time testing these two units, and can confidently provide some helpful information regarding the differences between Mevo and Mevo Plus.

Topics covered include how they differ, how they are similar, reviews, as well as more technical comparisons of their data.

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FlightScope Mevo & Mevo+ Summary

In our opinion, both units are worth their price. While you don't get flight path and golf simulation with the lower-tiered FlightScope Mevo, it does cost considerably less. Choosing which unit is right for you depends largely on what you want to use a launch monitor for.

With Mevo, you'll be able to dial in your carry distances to the yard. You'll also be able to see your clubhead speed and can monitor how different changes in your swing can help you to create speed. Which in today's age is half the battle.

With Mevo+ you'll have a bit more data to analyze, be able to see your flight path, and have the option to play real courses.

If you have the extra budget, Mevo+ is a considerable upgrade. Mevo makes for a really good starting launch monitor, whereas the Mevo+ is better suited for someone who has used a launch monitor before, or is more serious about their game.

Read our Customer Reviews to get some insight on what other golfers are saying about each unit! And if you have any specific questions we'd be more than happy to answer them!