5 Ways a Golf Simulator Can Improve Your Life

Golf Simulator Benefits - From Real Customers

Most articles about golf simulators focus on how they can improve your game.  So we wanted to find out some of the other reasons why golfers enjoy their indoor setups. In a recent survey, we polled simulator owners to find out how their golf simulator has improved their life. Here were the 5 most common responses:

1. Play Golf Anytime

With a golf simulator, you always have something to do! Golfers consistently stated that they enjoy being able to play golf during the winter months. 

  • "It has improved my life by giving me something to do during the winter months."
  • "All weather ability to play. No winter slump for my game"
  • "Great to be able to hit golf balls when the weather in Chicago is dismal"
  • "Living in Minnesota, my winters have been forever changed with an insulated/heated garage and the SkyTrak launch monitor."

2. Fun with Family and Friends

Golf simulators are fun for all ages and all skill levels. Golf simulator owners love the fact that the simulator allows them to spend quality time with friends and family.

  • "About every 2 months I have a houseful of friends over for golf, whiskey, and BBQ ­- what more could be better?"
  • "Family bonding, not in front of screens all the time. We are connecting face to face. Son started high school golf this year. Has made varsity as a Freshman"
  • "Since I have two kids I can play more at home and not have to worry about spending 4-­6 hours at the course."
  • "Many friends I would only see once a month are suddenly coming by 2 or 3 times a week :-) "
  • "My dad is 80 years old and an avid golfer. I picked him up to take him golfing at a "real" course. He promptly told me he would rather go to my man cave and use the simulator. I was stunned. That made it worth every penny to spend quality time with my Dad golfing without over heating in Florida."

3. Stress Reliever 

Many golfers said that with their busy schedule, a golf simulator provides a great outlet to relieve some stress and unwind after work.

  • "I love going out in the garage and hitting balls after a stressful day at work!"
  • "The convenience of having my golf simulator has made it easier to get range sessions in during the work week"
  • "More practice within less time. More time for family due to more efficient practice"


4. Improved Golf Game

Improved Golf Game Game improvement is a huge reason to get a simulator, so it's no surprised it came up a lot in our survey. For most, a better golf game translates to a better life!

  • "So much more feedback than I can get at the range. I can fit an hour of practice in without driving anywhere"
  • "Club fitting is the main reason I use the simulator. That is the biggest help from the simulator"
  • "Has allowed me to work on swing drills and short game improvements"


    5. Exercise

    Another consistent response from golf simulator owners was that it provides a good form of exercise. Rather than coming home from work and watching tv, you can hit a bucket of balls. A win for your game and your health!

    • "Replaced cardio workouts with 90 min of hitting balls .. 200 balls hit typically"

    We're glad to hear that golf simulators are beneficial to more than just your golf game! Thinking about owning your own golf simulator? Check out our Best Golf Simulators Guide to learn about some of the best options for in-home golf simulators.

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