Uneekor QED vs Foresight Sports GC2

Uneekor QED vs Foresight Sports GC2


Are you currently deciding between The Uneekor QED and Foresights Sports GC2? Wondering which one is best for you? In this article, we'll walk you through the key differences between these two units. The Uneekor QED is a newcomer on the market and the GC2 is a launch monitor that has been a leader in the market for years. Both units come in at a mid-level price point and have some comparable features and data offerings.  Read on to learn how these two systems stack up!


Both launch monitors use photometric technology. This means that they calculate shot data using high-speed photos taken of your swing through impact. These photos are then combined with advanced algorithims to provide real-time shot data. From our experience, both systems are extremely accurate and read shot data nearly instantaneously.

Foresight Sports GC2 vs Uneekor QED

The GC2 has a little more "street credit" due to it's established presence in the market and a healthy amount of high profile tour pro's that use the launch monitor. However, when testing out the QED ourselves, it stacks up to the accuracy of GC2 really well.

It also provides some really cool technology that GC2 does not. One of the coolest parts of the Uneekor QED is its real-time video capture of your swing path through impact. This footage can be viewed in slow-motion after each shot. Being able to see a video of your swing path and club through impact is a very unique feature not found on many launch monitor systems. We found it a very helpful tool for verifying your results and getting a more visual look at what actually happened during your shot. It's often easy to get lost in all the data a launch monitor provides. So the video is a nice alternative for seeing what's going on in your swing. It's also a great tool for analyzing your putting stroke!

The other key difference in technology is simply how you set up the system. The QED is mounted above the hitting area on the ceiling, whereas GC2 is placed in front of you on your mat. We'll get into the pro's and con's of this in the feature section.


Both systems provide all the ball metrics you would need. Things such as carry and total distance, ball speed, spin, flight path, etc. For club data, GC2 provides the most data - but it requires the HMT (Head Measurement Technology) add-on. Without the HMT add-on, you don't get any club data metrics with GC2. With QED, you get a healthy amount of club data without any upgrade. Viewing the chart to the right (below on mobile) will give you the best picture of how these two systems compare in the data offering category. But in summary, GC2 with the HMT add-on provides a few more clubhead metrics than QED, but it also costs more (we'll get into the different cost breakdowns later on).


GC2 vs QED Data
Ball Data GC2 w/ HMT QED
Ball Speed
Launch Angle
Back Spin/Side Spin
Side Angle
Carry/Total Distance
Flight Path
Smash Factor
Apex Height
Club Data SkyTrak QED
Club Head Speed *
Attack Angle *
Club Path *
Face Angle *
Face to Path Angle *
Lie Angle *
Impact Location *
Loft *

*Not availalbe without HMT add-on


The features that both GC2 and the Uneekor QED offer depend on the software you use with it. For GC2, the only software option available is FSX 2020 - which is Foresight Sports own golf simulation and data analysis software. Without FSX 2020, the GC2 simply offers plain text data. You can view your numbers on the screen attached to the GC2 or via an app. But it does not include any data visualization, charts, or other helpful data compilations - just numbers. This is a downside to GC2 as the FSX software costs an additional $3,000. When comparing out-of-box features of QED to GC2, QED offers quite a bit more than the GC2. You can view all your numbers like with the GC2. But you also get some really helpful visuals that make the data much more digestible. You can compare the out-of-box data visuals that each unit provides below to see what we mean. Things like the ball tracer view, swing path video, and other helpful visual tools really make the QED stand out.

Image result for uneekor qed app

Uneekor Ignite Data View

GC2 App View

GC2 Data View

While the out-of-box software features favor the QED, GC2 with FSX is much more comparable to QED and it's additional software upgrades.

With FSX 2020, you get much better data visualization tools. You get access to golf simulation/course-play with 5 courses included, and you get fun skills courses and challenges like closest to the pin and long drive. You can purchase additional games like Zombie Golf, and additional courses which include some high-profile courses like St. Andrews and Pebble beach. Finally, you get access to FSX Live, which is a cloud-based service for saving and sharing your practice session data. Ultimately, adding FSX 2020 gives you a significant upgrade in features.

FSX 2020 Data View

For QED, upgrading to the 2nd level software option (called 'Refine') will get you course-play on 5 courses, an on-course practice mode, additional driving ranges, short game training, and challenge mode - which is a game that you can play against yourself or others that consists of hitting shots at a bullseye target. The 3rd level is called 'Succeed', and gives you access to 20 courses instead of 5. Each level of software costs an additional $1,000. It should also be noted that QED is compatible with E6 Connect and The Golf Club 2019. This is a great plus to QED as these two softwares are two of the best out there. So having that option with QED is really nice.

At the end of the day, Uneekor QED with Refine is extremely comparable to the GC2 with FSX 2020. The FSX 2020 software does offer a few more fun competition type games and skills challenges. With QED, you are mostly limited to their bullseye challenge. But overall, they offer similar features.


GC2 vs QED Features
Features GC2 w/ FSX2020 QED w/ Refine
Windows Compatible
iOS Compatible
Live Shot Data
Skills Challenges
Shot Dispersions
Courses 5 5
Swing Path Video
Branded Analysis
Putting Analysis


Indoor/Outdoor Performance

Both units perform well indoors. And for the Uneekor QED, it can only perform indoors. Technically, QED can be used outside, but it just isn't portable so you won't be able to casually take it to the driving range for a session. GC2 is very portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is actually one of the better outdoor launch monitors on the market - and can read shots of all types in all weather conditions with the same accuracy as it does indoors. The outdoor performance of the GC2 is a huge plus.

FSX 2020 Golf Course


As mentioned above, one of the key differences between these two units is the setup. The Unkeeor QED is mounted on the ceiling above where as GC2 is placed in front of you. These two setups have their advantages and disadvantages.

For QED, the mounted launch monitor has two advantages. First, it creates a clean hitting space and is way more user friendly for multi-handed play. If you are playing with friends and family that hit on opposite sides of the ball, then you will enjoy that the QED lets you freely swap in and out players without doing anything. Since GC2 needs to be placed in front of the ball, you will need to move it each time a player of the opposite hand takes a turn. This isn't a huge deal to most. But if you consistency play with friends of the opposite hand, then this will be really nice. And if you are a golf store, golf club, or other business, then the mounted setup provides some extra security to avoid theft.

The obvious disadvantage to the mounted setup is that it's somewhat permanent. There is no portability to the QED unit and so it isn't suited for someone who doesn't have a permanent space for their golf studio.

PC vs. iOS Compatability

Currently the Uneekor QED and FSX 2020 are only supported on PC. FSX 2020 has a mobile app for shot data that is comptaible on both iOS and Android. But for golf simulation, a PC is required for both.

Uneekor Refine Golf Course

Uneekor Refine Golf Course


Cost can get a little tricky with all the different options. But the most comparable setup is GC2 with the HMT add-on and FSX 2020 Software compared to QED with the Refine Software upgrade. The cost of these two setups are as follows:

GC2 w/HMT and FSX 2020- $15,500

Uneekor QED w/ Refine- $7,000

As you can see, the Uneekor QED is less than half the price of the GC2 with these configurations. You will get slightly more in-depth club head data with GC2 plus a few extra features such as FSX Live to save and share session data. But you have to weigh that with paying $7,500 more.

Here is how these products stack up out of the box:

GC2 - $6,500

Uneekor QED - $6,000

The launch monitor's themselves are almost identical in price. But without HMT and FSX 2020 the GC2 doesn't offer any club data or data visualization. Where as the QED does.


All in all, Uneekor has made a strong case against one of the best launch monitors on the market. The features and accuracy of both units are very comparable. So it largely comes down to price with these two units. And you simply get way more for the money with the QED. The biggest things you are paying for with GC2 is one, it's brand reputation. Foresight Sports has been a top player in the launch monitor market for years with ambassadors such as Butch Harmon and Rickie Fowler. Two, it's portability. GC2 is small and can be taken out on the range or on the course with you. Which is a really nice component and a huge plus.

If you are leaning towards the GC2, then we recommend going the Certified Pre-Owned route. Here at Rain or Shine Golf we offer Certified Pre-Owned GC2 launch monitors and HMT units. All of our Foresight Sports Pre-Owned Launch Monitors have been inspected and Certified by Foresight Sports to ensure your GC2 or HMT unit meets the highest level of Satisfaction. Going this route will save you a little over $2,000. 

If a portable launch monitor isn't a must and/or you have a smaller budget, we would recommend going with QED and it's Refine software. Or pairing it with The Golf Club 2019 golf simulation software instead of Uneekor's Refine. Both these options will give you a world-class golf simulation setup for only $7,000!

Either way you go, we are confident that you won't be disappointed. These are two amazing launch monitors that provide the best tools there are for game improvement. Should you add a golf simulation software in the mix you will enjoy playing top courses any time, no matter the weather! We hope that this article has helped you compare these two launch monitors and given you valuable insights to help make your decision! View each launch monitor below:


GC2 Launch Monitor & Simulator Software

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